BESTVA 2000W LED Grow Light Review

The world of indoor cultivation has made significant strides with the introduction of the BESTVA 2000W LED Grow Light. This particular model is one of BESTVA’s top-of-the-line grow lights and promises indoor gardeners a great experience.

About the BESTVA Grow Light Brand

BESTVA is a recent entrant into the LED grow light market. Just as more widely known brands, BESTVA offers highly reliable and robust LED products at very competitive prices. By placing itself on the market alongside other well-known names like Viparspectra, BESTVA has worked toward products that can win the market through their light quality and durability. [Read more about my thoughts on Bestva vs Viparspectra here]

With BESTVA, power is just one factor that you will love about their products. BESTVA LED lights come with detailed product information about wattages of their LED grow lights, which is critical to new consumers. BESTVA’s mission is to offer its customers a light quality similar to that provided by top brands but with less power consumption. Therefore, BESTVA is not only interested in giving you a high-quality, high-powered grow light but also in ensures your electricity bill is as low as possible. The bottom line is you get value for money not only when you first purchase your Bestva LED, but for years to come.

The BESTVA 2000W LED Review

Introducing the BESTVA 2000W LED grow light. This light offers the most recent dual-chip LED technology and utilizes a full and efficient 380-780nm spectrum to promote indoor cultivation of flowers, fruits, and veggies at all stages of growth. You will love its low heat output, high plant yield, and the associated high lumens.

The product has been scientifically engineered to ensure there is a perfect balance between suitable coverage for your plants and high lumen output. The design of the Bestva LED ensures that light is not concentrated only in the middle. Therefore, plants grown under this light do not experience stunted growth out of sun-burning or insufficient illumination.

Features of the BESTVA 2000W LED Grow Light

This light is designed using the newest BESTVA technology. It has 10W double chip Epileds/Bridgelux LEDs. Thus, it is significantly more efficient and brighter compared to traditional LEDs. The technology further ensures the Bestva has high lumens, low heat, and high yield.

The grow light has a 2000W high-effective full spectrum, meaning its LED light benefits the plants cultivated under it throughout all their growth stages just like natural sunlight. The full-spectrum light is perfect for a 24-inch high and 7.8 by 7.5-inch cultivation area.

The Bestva 2000W has an inbuilt cooling fan system that is powerful, quiet, and cool. With holes in the glass and aluminum panel, heat convection and lower temperature are achieved. Notably, the light is 80% cooler than other LEDs that have high-intensity discharges.

The light also has high power efficiency and a low actual consumption of only 390W. This saves more than 90% of energy while achieving similar performance to single-chip LED technology lights. It further compares to 1400 Watt HPS performance. The light delivers double the effective coverage of the Reflector Series lights.

The Bestva 2000W increases the rates of photosynthesis dramatically meaning a more abundant and healthier harvest.

The last positive point of my Bestva 2000W review is that it comes with a three-year warranty and includes customer satisfaction guarantee within 30 days after purchase.

Specifications of the BESTVA 2000W LED Grow Light

  • Dimensions – 20.66×8.46×2.36 inches
  • Can replace a 1400W MH/HPS
  • Product Weight – 4.70 kilograms (10.36 pounds)
  • Offers a full spectrum which is appropriate for all plant growth stages
  • Core area of coverage – 24-inch height and 7.8ft x 7.5ft
  • Provides a 120o LED angle
  • Features 200 10W dual-chip Epileds/Bridgelux LEDs
  • Draws 390W of power
  • It has an AC85-265V input voltage
  • Works under a 68~104℉ temperature
  • It has a 50-60Hz frequency
  • Features a 100,000-hour lifespan

Product Pros

The product’s full spectrum makes it a cost-effective grow light. Its bright lights offer an excellent source of power at an affordable price.

  • Requires no ballast
  • Can be controlled using a timer
  • Full spectrum covers the entire period of plant cultivation
  • Beyond its three-year warranty, the product can be returned within 30 days if it fails to meet customer satisfaction.

Product Cons

  • It is limited to indoor use only.
  • Its durability is slightly lower than that of top LED light brands. However, its three-year warranty makes the product a short-term trusted LED light alternative.


  • Users are advised not to look at the light directly due to its extreme brightness.
  • Do not expose it to water. The product is not waterproof.

Bestva Grow Light Review Final Verdict

If you’re starting out in indoor gardening and/or don’t have the budget for the best grow lights on the market, the BESTVA 2000W LED Grow Light is a great budget alternative. Whether you want to plant flowers, vegetables, or fruits, the Bestva will be perfect choice for all plant growth stages.

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