Bestva vs Viparspectra: LED Grow Light Comparison

bestva vs viparspectra led grow lightsSetting up your indoor garden can be daunting from a cost perspective. While I recommend buying the best quality grow light you can afford, for many people, the price of American made grow light brands are just too high. The two most common Chinese-made LED companies I’m asked about are Bestva and Viparspectra. Both companies make grow lights that made my top ten list. But which company offers the best product for you? I decided to take a look at Bestva vs Viparspectra for the sake of comparison and provide a breakdown of what each company has to offer regarding the best budget grow lights.

About the Viparspectra LED Grow Light Brand

Viparspectra is a brand known for its led grow light models including the Dimmable PAR series, Timer Control series, and the Reflector series. The Dimmable PAR series is slightly more expensive when compared to other Viparspectra LED lights. However, it features higher quality design elements which serve to justify its cost. Among them is the ability to adjust the blue, red, and white dimmers separately as a means of spectral control.

Viparspectra’s dimmable feature is one of its most significant selling points. It allows you to be in total control of how you cultivate your plants. For instance, during the vegetative growth stage, gardeners can disable the red light and turn it on during the plant’s flowering stage to save money and power. For indoor gardeners with adequate knowledge of LED spectral management, the dimmable feature offers great potential in achieving optimal plant yield through well-balanced spectral illumination using Viparspectra lights.

Equally, Viparspectra LEDs are designed with the intent to deliver optimal LUMEN/PAR output balance. Most LED light manufacturers fail to assign appropriate importance to PAR, a capability which makes Viparspectra stand out in the market.

Viparspectra’s coverage is significantly higher when compared to that achieved by other brands of grow lights. To illustrate this, thePAR700 Dimmable light from Viparspectra can easily cover a 24-inch high and 5 by 4-foot area.

Viparspectra offers different products with different power consumption levels. For instance, you may wish to replace a 600W HPS with the Viparspectra PAR700 which draws 326W to save on energy costs.

Viparspectra grow lights have a three-year product warranty and an additional 30-day product return warranty in case you are not satisfied. Customer reviews reveal the company provides excellent customer service and responds to customer complaints and replacement needs on short notice.


  • High-quality LED lights
  • Offers products at affordable prices
  • The dimmable feature saves user’s money


  • Lacks the daisy chain feature for connecting additional light fixtures.

Viparspectra Product Range

About the Bestva LED Grow Light Brand

Now let’s take a look at BESTVA, a brand that is known for durable, well-designed, and affordable LED lights. BESTVA is still a relatively unknown commodity as illustrated by the limited product reviews. But it is worth a second look as the company has an impressive list of LED products.

The manufacturer has released a variety of different products including the Smart Series, Double Chip Series, and the Reflector Series as a means of meeting the full range of customer coverage needs in indoor cultivation. While the Reflector Series is uniquely designed to meet the demands of growing cannabis indoors, other series come with dimmers, remote controls, and timer controls as a way of controlling the LED spectrum.

The BESTVA Double Chip series provides twice the coverage as provided by the Reflector LED or traditional HPS. While some of the lights are higher quality than others, it is a standard feature across all BESTVA LEDs to consume less power. For example, a 400W HPS can be replaced by a 600W Reflector LED which comes with a bargain basement price tag.

BESTVA ensures its clients who understand PAR get the best out of their Double Chip LED series which offer an excellent LUMEN/PAR output. The Dual Chip technology allows BESTVA’s products to achieve higher intensity and more brightness in comparison to regular LED lights.

BESTVA products use 10W LEDs which give off more heat than 5W or 3W chips. However, BESTVA fits their products with powerful cooling systems which serve to minimize the heat given off. There also are holes in their aluminum panes which assures customers of better cooling than other LEDs on the market.

Just like Viparspectra, BESTVA also attaches a 30-day return guarantee and 3-year product warranty. BESTVA LEDs are the perfect choice for indoor cultivation beginners who are working on a tight budget. BESTVA provides an extensive LED grow light range, so all gardeners can find a grow light that appeals to their needs.


  • LEDs come with full spectra
  • Employs the innovative technology of double chips
  • Affordable LEDs
  • Wide LED light range to suit different customer needs
  • Significant energy saving capabilities


  • Just as the Viparspectra LEDs, BESTVA products lack a daisy chain fixture

BESTVA Product Range

Bestva vs Viparspectra Price and Product Comparison

In terms of a side-by-side price comparison, I’ve chosen 600W grow lights as an example as this is a common wattage for many indoor gardeners. Below you can see the prices and options from both brands in the 600W range. This will give you a starting point for price guidelines.

600W Grow Light Comparison

Final Verdict

Both Viparspectra and Bestva are solid options for begining indoor gardeners. Viparspectra currently has more options for grow lights on Amazon but Bestva is continuously adding to their range. Viparspectra tends to run slightly more expensive but the extra features will be worth the extra cost if you want the added control and flexibility these units provide.