The Best LED Grow Light Bar – 3 Top Options

While many beginning gardeners prefer to buy an out of the box LED grow light setup, there now is a more flexible, and often cheaper option for growing plants indoors – the LED grow light bar. These strips of LED lights are perfect for folks with a bit of do-it-yourself knowledge who want to build their own LED plant stand.

There are a lot of new LED grow light bar options on the market with subtle differences. It can be challenging to know which LED setup to choose. However, I have ample experience when it comes to indoor cultivation, and I’ve tested several of these LED grow light bars in different indoor growing situations. In this post, I will share a detailed, side-by-side review of three LED grow light bar kits for indoor growing.

1. Lightimetunnel 108w LED Grow Light Bar

Are you an indoor cultivator or DIY enthusiast? Then you need to know LED grow light strips have become a trusted alternative to traditional grow lights. Such is the high lumen, ultra bright light strip manufactured by Lightimetunnel whose design boasts LEDs, 3w Epileds, as well as an acrylic lens which allows light coverage of up to 120-degrees to ensure the ultimate lighting efficiency. What’s more, this design enables minimal light loss.

What would you do with this small LED grow light bar? Grow light bars are perfect for gardeners who want to start flowers and plant their favorite veggies indoors. The Lighttimetunnel is the ideal LED grow light for you as it offers an optimal spectrum for indoor cultivation. With 410nm UV, 740nm IR, 470nm blue, 630nm red, and 660nm deep red, this light spectrum mimics natural sunlight for optimal indoor plant growth.

Particularly, if you want to grow herbs, or wish to promote the flowering stage of any plant, this light will exceed your expectations by increasing growth and harvest yield.

This IP65 waterproof grow light bar is well suited for large cultivation situations, and it achieves excellent results in commercial cultivation projects, hydroponics, and greenhouse growth. Its aluminum case promotes high heat dissipation efficiency.

Lightimetunnel 108w LED Grow Light Bar Product Features

  • Measurement (L*W*H): 45.3 inches by 1.2 inches by 1.2
  • Chip size: 45mm
  • Power input: 100 to 240v of alternating current
  • Working Frequency: 50 to 60 Hz
  • Working current: 520 ma
  • Power output: 45W
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Body color: silver
  • Weight: 2.1kg

Lightimetunnel 108w LED Grow Light Bar Pros

  • It enhances lighting efficiency by minimizing light loss and gathering light
  • It offers optimal indoor cultivation spectrum which boosts harvest and growth
  • With IP65 waterproof, the light is suitable for different cultivation situations like hydroponics
  • It has adjustable brackets which enhance installation flexibility
  • The lights are a direct sale from the manufacturer
  • Offers convenient after-purchase maintenance
  • Comes with a 12-months product warranty
  • Affordable
  • High quality

Lightimetunnel 108w LED Grow Light Bar Cons

  • It heats up quickly as it is fitted with a cheap plastic
    power supply casing

Lightimetunnel 108w LED Grow Light Bar Verdict

Even though it heats up quickly, this LED grow light bar gives you the value of your money. A solution of its different illumination
qualities provide the plant with an optimal growth environment that is bacteria free. This light ultimately increases yield.

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2. GLIME 24W 60LED Plant Light Strip

How much would you love to have your plants indoors, but cannot tell apart the LED light strip kits available in the market based on
your seeding, growth, vegetative, or overwintering needs? Have you tried the Glime LED plant light strip kit? Well, this is the LED grow light you have been missing.

I love how super easy it gets during installation. At 24w, this kit comes with four LED light strips which are perfect for the best overwintering, growth, vegetative, and seeding indoor tasks.

GLIME 24W 60LED Plant Light Strip Product Features

  • Its LEDs are uniquely-designed with a plant growth optical lens. The LEDs provide uniform grow light without the obvious blue/red bands of light. Thus, it achieves more concentrated and focused grow light.
  • It offers a 620-660nm wavelength of red light. This enhances plant fruiting, growth, and flowering.
  • It offers a 420-460nm wavelength range of blue light. This enhances germination of seeds.
  • It provides a super-strong illumination for plant growth and an accompanying high PAR value.

What comes with the GLIME 24W plant grow light kit?

  • 1x A Group Plant Light Strip(4 pcs)
  • 1x Cable with Plug
  • 1x Instruction
  • Accessories

GLIME 24W 60LED Plant Light Strip Pros

  • The grow light kit features easy installation. Notably, it is quite a straightforward process to get done with whether you are working
    with the cable ties, screws, and 3m pads.
  • The LED grow light is super strong. With its high PAR value, the light is suitable for verbena plants, succulents, flowers, and veggies.
  • The light features a flexible design.
  • The lights feature premium quality. They use top quality, UL certified power adaptor. Heat dissipation is achieved as the LED body is
    made of aluminum.

GLIME 24W 60LED Plant Light Strip Cons

    • This grow light bar kit is not waterproof
  • Often, this light offers less than the advertised wattage output. Some customer reviews suggest an 85% performance of the advertised capability.
  • Notably, this light has a lower lifespan as compared to Lightimetunnel 108w LED Grow Light Bar which has a 50,000-hour lifespan though its warranty lasts a year.

GLIME 24W 60LED Plant Light Strip Verdict

This is a good budget option if you don’t need a waterproof grow light bar. However, if you are using your LED light bars in a hydroponic setup, opt for one of the waterproof bars instead.

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3. Galaxyhydro Waterproof 108W Led Grow Light Bar

If you have used LED technology for your indoor growing needs, then you know that great value comes with that grow light that ensures
energy efficiency.

Tests conducted on this light suggest that Galaxyhydro Waterproof 108W Led Grow Light strip has a wavelength recommended for hydroponic greenhouse cultivation. With the light bar spectrum, plant growth is significantly promoted. If you wish to purchase a high efficiency LED light for indoor plant growth, this model will suit your indoor needs.

Galaxyhydro Waterproof 108W Led Grow Light Bar Product Features

  • Power rating: 108w (3w leds*36 pieces)
  • Wattage: 52w with a possible 5% deviation
  • Dimensions (L*W*H): 45.3 inches*1.2 inches*1.2 inches
  • Working Current: 520ma
  • Size of chips: 45mil
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • Working frequency: between 50 and 60 Hz
  • The rate of waterproof: IP65
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Recommended working length of time:
  • Flowering stage: 12 to 14 hours daily
  • Vegetative stage: 12 to 18 hours daily
  • Seedling stage: 10 to 16 hours daily

What comes with the Galaxyhydro Waterproof 108W Led Grow Light Bar?

  • 2 brackets
  • 1 driver
  • 1 light

Galaxyhydro Waterproof 108W Led Grow Light Bar Pros

  • It has an effective light spectrum and wavelength ratio. You can add blue LEDs conveniently to improve vegetative growth. Addition of red LEDs promotes the flowering and fruiting stages.
  • The light bar offers a wide lighting angle when a lens is added to improve light output. This makes it a perfect LED source for greenhouse farming, plant factories, indoor gardening, flower farms, tissue culturing, vegetable farming, potted plant growth, and water-soluble breeding. Thus, this light is ideal for indoor vegetable, fruit, or flower growing.
  • Its high-quality aluminum casing improves dissipation of heat.
  • The LED grow light bar runs cool and quiet.
  • It has higher power efficiency and can help save up to 60% of power.
  • Lightweight.

Galaxyhydro Waterproof 108W Led Grow Light Bar Cons

  • The light bar cannot be used in water

Galaxyhydro Waterproof 108W Led Grow Light Bar Verdict

Except for price and brand, Lightimetunnel 108w LED Grow Light Bar, and Galaxyhydro Waterproof 108W Led Grow Light are virtually
identical. However, the latter is lightweight compared to the former.

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So, which of these three LED grow light bars suits your needs the most? Why would you prefer it to the other two? Share your thoughts in the comments section.