Spider Farmer Pro-Grade Grow Tent

Urban gardening is often challenging. When you don’t have an ample yard or space for a greenhouse outdoors, you need to create an indoor space for your gardening activities. Luckily, with the right Spider Farmer grow tent, that’s easier than you’d expect.

Spider Farmer grow tents are convenient and efficient. Plus, the Spider Farmer Pro-Grade grow tent is sizeable, giving you plenty of room for indoor hydroponic grows or soil-based gardening. In this Spider Farmer grow tent review, I’m going to dive into the tent’s features, advantages, and disadvantages. That way, you can figure out if it’s right for you.

Spider Farmer Pro-Grade Grow Tent Review

When growing indoors, an efficient, capable, and discreet grow tent is essential. With a grow tent, it’s easier to focus the light on your plants without impacting the rest of your living space. Plus, controlling the temperature around your plants is simpler, eliminating the need to excessively heat or cool your home or apartment.

Spider Farmer is a trusted name in the world of indoor gardening. While the company was founded in 2015 – making it relatively new – it earned a reputation for using high-quality materials and delivering excellent results. Plus, you can get leading technology at affordable prices, as similar competitor offerings typically cost far more.

While Spider Farmer is best known for its LED grow lights, the Spider Farmer indoor grow tent product lines are also making names for themselves. I’ve long been a fan of the company, including its LED lights, grow tents, and other offerings, and many more indoor gardeners feel the same.

The Spider Farmer Pro-Grade grow tent is feature-rich and highly capable, offering cutting-edge technologies that meet the needs of avid indoor growers. However, it also comes with its fair share of pros and cons. Here’s everything you need to know about the Spider Farmer pro-grade grow tent.


  • Light and temperature escape technology
  • Smell-proof design
  • Reflective mylar lining for increased efficiency
  • High-quality Oxford canvas for a tearproof exterior
  • Hardened steel metal frame
  • Observation window
  • Tool-free installation
  • Dual duct ports for optimal airflow
  • Heavy duty zippers
  • Hanging bars can support up to 140 pounds
  • Removable, water-resistant floor tray
  • Hanging belts included
  • Large grow tent, measuring about 4 x 4 x 6.5 feet
  • Privacy flap makes it look like a wardrobe
  • More affordable than many competitor offerings


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The Spider Farmer Pro-Grade grow tent offers light and temperature-locking features. The multi-layered exterior prevents light and heat from escaping, making it easier to maintain optimal growing conditions. Plus, the interior reflective mylar increases the lighting efficiency, which can reduce power consumption while supporting all growth phases.

With the observation window, you can check on your plants without having to open the tent. That further increases efficiency, as you aren’t getting as much heat loss as opening the door to check your plants’ progress.

The metal frame for the tent is hardened steel, making it thicker and more durable than you find with many competitors’ products. In total, the frame supports up to 153 pounds, so you typically won’t have to worry about weight when using this Spider Farmer grow tent.

You also get dual duct ports with the Spider Farmer Pro-Grade grow tent to improve airflow to support optimal growth. The design is also smell-proof, and the privacy flap prevents others from seeing your growing space, both of which can make your hobby more discreet.

This Spider Farmer 4×4 grow tent is also generously sized. At 80 inches tall, it provides enough headroom to keep nearly anyone comfortable. Plus, even though the door panel is shorter, it’s still tall enough that many people won’t have to duck to get inside or take advantage of the observation window.

The Spider Farmer grow tent setup steps are also reasonably straightforward. You don’t need any tools. Simply use the click connector system to create the frame, pull on the cover, and add the floor tray. After that, it’s ready for use.

Regarding price, the Spider Farmer Pro-Grade grow tent is affordable compared to similar designs by competitors. As a result, it’s a solid choice for budget-conscious indoor growers who want a lot of space and features without breaking the bank.


When it comes to disadvantages, the Spider Farmer Pro-Grade grow tent is large. You’re giving up 16 square feet of floor space, and that’s significant. While those with ample room likely won’t mind if it meets their growing needs, this Spider Farmer grow tent is probably bigger than most beginners should go.

Due to the height of the Spider Farmer Pro-Grade grow tent, you might need a buddy to help you get the cover onto the frame. The tent fits relatively tightly, so it’s a bit unwieldy if you’re trying to get it in place alone. If you weren’t planning on anyone knowing that you were growing, that’s less than ideal.

Some buyers have also had to deal with a little paint buildup near connection points during assembly. While it’s not hard to handle, it can increase the setup time and may require additional tools. However, that’s not something all buyers have experienced, so keep that in mind.

Additionally, some people have a little difficulty getting the flaps set correctly to prevent light leaks. Since that’s the case, you might need to reposition them a few times or gently crease the fabric to get proper coverage. On rare occasions, buyers have seen light leaks through the zipper, but that isn’t common.

Another potential downside is that the design relies on ties to keep the door flap open, which is a bit cumbersome. You can potentially attach a carabiner or hook to one of the nylon straps and use that to keep it open instead, but that’s an extra step you’d have to take.

While the observation window is convenient, it’s a netted window, not a plastic one. As a result, you do get some heat loss when it’s open. However, it’s far less than you’d experience if you had to open the door.

Finally, disassembling the Spider Farmer Pro-Grade grow tent isn’t easy, and some users have had connectors break during the process. While that’s not an issue if you don’t intend to take the tent down, keeping it in mind when deciding whether this option is right for you is important.


Overall, the Spider Farmer Pro-Grade grow tent is a highly capable, feature-rich grow tent at a competitive price. You get heat and light escape prevention, making the design reasonably efficient. Plus, the ample size of the Spider Farmer 4 x 4 grow tent makes it comfortable to use, though it takes up a lot of floor space. The 6.5-foot height also means getting the cover on alone is challenging, particularly if you’re shorter.

Still, the Spider Farmer Pro-Grade grow tent is well-made and highly durable. The zippers are top-notch, operating smoothly long after purchase. The Velcro that attaches the covers is also reasonably tough, standing up well to multiple openings and closings or repositioning.

For indoor growers looking to get a larger indoor grow tent at a competitive price, make sure to give the Spider Farmer Pro-Grade grow tent a closer look. Check out the smaller versions if 4 x 4 feet is more than you need. The smallest is 2 x 2 feet, which could be a better choice. Plus, this Spider Farmer grow tent line gets as large as 8 x 8 feet if you need a square or 10 x 5 feet for a rectangle, so check out the larger versions if you’d prefer more room.

Spider Farmer Pro-Grade Grow Tent Review
  • Build Quality
  • Value of Money
  • Ease of Assembly
  • Extra Features


For indoor growers looking to get a larger indoor grow tent at a competitive price, make sure to give the Spider Farmer Pro-Grade grow tent a closer look.