LED vs HID Lights for Indoor Growing Infographic

Here we sum up the benefits of LED vs HID lights. Whether you use a grow box, mini grow tent, or extra large grow room, LED lights for growing are the clear winner here. Read about the best LED Grow lights for indoor plants.


  1. Durability – LED’s have less moving parts and are much more shock and vibration resistant than HID
  2. Lifetime – Up to 100,000 hours for LED, compared to HID’s 25,000 hours
  3. Color Temperature – LED has many options at up to 6500 Kelvin compared to HID’s 5000 Kelvin max
  4. Dimmable – Win for LED
  5. Warranty – 5 Years compared to HID’s 1-year warranty
  6. Costs – LED’s have higher upfront costs but less maintenance than HID. Over time, LED usage costs less
  7. CRI – HID’s 5 – 93 compared to LED’s 80 – 95
  8. Cold Tolerant – LED’s tolerant down to -30 degrees compared to HID’s -40 degrees
  9. Light Speed – LED’s instantaneous while HID takes a bit of time to warm up