Guide to Understanding the Marijuana Growing Stages

Guide to understanding marijuana growing stagesJust like a human has to experience multiple stages during his or her life-cycle, plants also undergo several stages of growth. If you are keen to understand the different marijuana growing stages, then this article is for you.

Starting from germination through to the vegetation phase, the marijuana plant has to undergo several transformations.

Before beginning the process, you have to choose the right marijuana seed. For example, a female plant will produce the trichome-rich cola buds that are harvested to smoke, vape, dap, and ingest but the male plant cannot provide any buds. So, choose your seed wisely.

The marijuana growing stages proceed as follows:

Stage 1 – Germination

Once you have figured out the sex of the marijuana seed, you can continue with the germination process. You can either soak the seed in a cup of water or fold it in a damp paper towel.

If you are using the former method, you will notice the seed floating on top of the water. This is normal, and once the seed absorbs enough water, it will eventually sink to the bottom of the glass.

On the other hand, if you are folding your seed in a damp paper towel, keep it at rest for at least 24 hours in a dark place. You will notice the sprouts coming out of the seed after some time.

Don’t take the seed out until you see the seed sprout its taproot. Once the seeds have started growing their taproot, they enter the second stage.

Stage 2 – Seedling

Place your marijuana seed in a pot with healthy soil, where the taproot of the seed can attach itself to the potting mix to absorb nutrients.

Further, you will notice two embryonic leaves opening outward from the stem; this indicates further development. These leaves absorb the sunlight required for proper growth.

marijuana growing stages - seedling

After a few days, two new leaves with the classically rounded points will grow, making your marijuana plant recognizable. Four to eight leaves will appear during the development stage of a seedling, and the process may take anywhere between one to three weeks, depending on the soil, environment, water, sunlight, and other relevant factors.

Stage 3 – Vegetation

It is during the vegetation stage, the stem of the marijuana plant tends to grow thicker and taller. Several new nodes are developed which are responsible for the production of more leaves and branches.

Plenty of warm water, dry air, nitrogen-rich organic nutrients, and soil will be needed during this stage, to make your cannabis plant grow in a healthy and robust manner.

Stage 4 – Pre-Flowering

It takes around five months for the marijuana plant to enter the pre-flowering stage. The best part about this stage is, you will be able to determine the sex of your plant.

If you see green banana-like sac structures on the nodes, then it is a male marijuana plant. Once you find the light duration of the plant begins to decrease, the plant moves ahead to enter the flowering stage.

You can expose your marijuana plant to light either naturally or artificially, but using LED grow lights gives you the most control over the light during these critical stages of growth.

Stage 5 – Flowering

marijuana growing stages - flowering

During the flowering stage, the cannabis plant continues to grow its stems and leaves but doesn’t possess any of the medicinal properties at this point.

You need to decrease its exposure to light either naturally or artificially, i.e. if the plant was receiving 18 hours of LED light indoors, then it should be reduced to 12 hours.

Try to provide nutrients that are rich in potassium and phosphorous during this stage. Over a span of eight to ten weeks, you may notice long white hair growing from the buds. These hairs are due to the reduced light exposure.

Stage 6 – Harvesting

marijuana growing stages - harvesting cannabis buds

Harvesting is the final marijuana growing stage when you will be rewarded for your hard work.

When you notice the pistils on the cola bud transforming from white to reddish orange in color, it means the plant is ready to harvest.

Your marijuana plant is now properly grown, and you can harvest and store it properly in a dry place.