LAGarden Mini Grow Tent Review

You don’t have to dedicate a vast space to your indoor garden. LAGarden has designed a mini grow tent perfect for your small space needs.

LAGarden Mini Grow Tent

Planting is one of the most familiar activities known to civilization. The growing method most familiar to us would be the conventional way of planting seeds in soil and waiting for a specified period to watch them grow.

While a lot of us may think the soil is an indispensable component of planting, innovations in agriculture prove otherwise. One of the newest technologies associated with cultivation is hydroponics or the act of planting without any form of soil.

Instead of soil, hydroponics makes use of an inert medium, which is a more efficient alternative than soil,  depending on your preference. Most of us think of hydroponics as being used in large commercial agricultural setups, but you can start your own small hydroponic farm at home. If you only have a limited space to dedicate to your hydroponic garden, then the Mini Grow Tent Indoor Hydroponics Dark Room is one of the best choices you can make.

Mini Grow Tent Features

Tent Made of Quality Materials

The exterior material is a 210D, heavy duty oxford cloth, with the interior being a diamond mylar which is highly reflective. The frame consists of metal rods which are coated with white paint to ward off rust. The connectors are made of an extra sturdy material that would help prevent damage in the long run.

Several Ventilation Areas for Optimal Plant Growth

The Mini Grow Tent Indoor Hydroponics Dark Room is equipped with multiple, 3-inch rectangular vents, which allow air to move to and fro from the inside freely. It’s common knowledge that proper ventilation is key to plant growth, specifically an adequate amount of oxygen.

Having these ventilation slots facilitate moving air in and out, keeping the plants alive while keeping them protected from strong winds, which could destroy the plants by breaking stems.

Equipped with Mosquito-Shielding Mechanism

From the name itself, hydroponics makes use of water. Given that much of this moisture settles at the very root of the plants, it’s very likely mosquitoes would find this a favorable breeding ground and a great place to lay their eggs.

To counter this, the Mini Grow Tent Indoor Hydroponics Dark Room has a mosquito-shielding mechanism through dense and thick screens surrounding the vents. These screens are narrow enough to prevent mosquitos from coming in but are not too tight to prevent air from getting inside.

Small-Sized and Portable

If you have a green thumb but are living in a concrete jungle where there simply are no means for you to plant the conventional way, then the Mini Grow Tent Indoor Hydroponics Dark Room is the perfect solution.

The setup process is easy as each purchase comes with a manual that’s simple to follow.


Everything you need in a Single Purchase

The Mini Grow Tent Indoor Hydroponics Dark Room is one of the best, most practical choices when it comes to growing plants the hydroponic way.

With every purchase, apart from the grow box itself with its indoor diamond mylar, it also has two nylon belts to attach the grow light, as well as a mylar floor tray that’s equipped with straps to keep you better protected.

Allows you to Safely Explore Hydroponics

While hydroponics isn’t a difficult system to begin with, one of the things to keep in mind is you have to do correctly, lest your crops will die. The Mini Grow Tent Indoor Hydroponics Dark Room is small enough to serve as the perfect beginners’ tool to explore, given that it does not contain any materials that may harm the environment.

You Get Produce and Grow Plants Year-Round

One of the disadvantages associated with conventional farming, which would entail planting produce on soil and in the open air is in most climates you can’t plant year-round. This is most especially true for places that have harsh winters, given that a lot of typically-grown produce can’t thrive in these harsh temperatures.

With the Mini Grow Tent Indoor Hydroponics Dark Room, however, you are pretty much able to plant and raise the plants of your choice the whole year round.


Does Not Keep Light in Properly

While the Mini Grow Tent Indoor Hydroponics Dark Room allows you to grow various plants inside, one of the things some people have observed is there is some light leakage. This is a major point of concern in terms of over-all plant growth, given that exposure to sunlight, or at least, a simulated form is an integral aspect.

Construction Quality Could be Better

There have been several complaints about how the entire material was stitched, with the stitches not being made properly, with several small holes around.


If you’re on the lookout for a better grow room regarding quality, then one of the better options is the CoolGrows 2x2x4 Feet Small Indoor Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent that boasts of more solid construction, with no user complaints regarding the stitching or light escaping.


Even if the construction and stitching may be subpar in a sense, you could still expect the Mini Grow Tent Indoor Hydroponics Dark Room to deliver in terms of making plants grow, giving you a steady supply of certain produce varieties no matter what the season is.


Hydroponics is a fast-becoming popular means of growing different kinds of plants.

If you have a green thumb and a limited space for planting, but would like to do so in the comfort of your own home, then the LAGarden Mini Grow Tent can provide you with a space-efficient area to grow plants, whether or not the season outside are conducive to plant growth or not.

This assures you a steady supply of fresh produce you can grow by yourself the whole year round.

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LAGarden Mini Grow Tent Review
  • Build Quality
  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Assembly
  • Extra Features


A solid choice for beginning indoor gardeners who don’t have a lot of money to invest or those with extremely limited space and require a mini grow tent setup.