Grow Tent vs Grow Box – Which is Best for your Indoor Garden?

grow tent vs grow box

Ever wonder the difference between grow tent vs grow box? While both are contained, portable environments for growing indoors, each has slightly different uses. In this article, I’ll discuss the advantages of each so you can decide which is right for your indoor garden.

Grow tents are small portable rooms that can be used anywhere for planting indoors. They are quite similar to grow boxes and are made to create an ideal growing environment.

On the other hand, a grow box is an enclosed system used for planting indoors in a smaller area. Lack of outdoor space and a requirement to grow veggies, flowers or herbs during winters are some of the major factors that contribute towards the demand for grow boxes.

Both grow tents and boxes help you garden indoors with ease. Powered by a number of features and coming with different accessories, both the grow box and tent are easy to maintain.

Some of the advanced options available are automated timers, power saving equipment, and a series of elements that help you have control over the complete environment. The only major difference between the two is their structure and build.

Why you should Consider a Grow Tent Instead of a Grow Box

Both grow boxes and tents have their own advantages and features. However, the following features make grow tents a better option when compared to the grow boxes:


Grow tents offer a larger area to grow your crops and install the necessary equipment. Hence, you can grow more plants and expect better yields. These tents are available in different sizes which give you enough options to pick one based on your needs. It is a good option if you plan to expand your garden in the future. You can efficiently use the same components for expansion or rearrangements.


Assembling or dismantling a grow tent is very easy as most of these are light and come in a carrying case. This makes them highly portable and easy to move around. It is an important feature to consider if you are likely to move your indoor garden around different areas of the house.

Although, it is not recommended to move the entire system and disturb the plants, sometimes this is unavoidable and made easier by using grow tents.

Modular & highly customizable

In case you need to upgrade the grow light system, replace things that might break, or install a better ventilation system, grow tents make this a straightforward task as compared to grow boxes.

These tents are popular due to their customizable features and the fact that they are modular. Generic access points offer proper ventilation, and one may quickly add or remove different parts inside.

If you have a bigger tent, multiple access doors facilitate access from various points. This is very handy if you are trying to reach the back of the setup without disturbing the plants inside.

Effective Heat Mitigation

Owing to a larger space, grow tents offer better air movement. They also feature more vertical height enabling you to keep a fair distance between the plants and the lights.

These factors facilitate prevention from heat damage and increase the yield per plant. This is because the crops receive better light distribution from the lamps fitted inside.

Why you should Consider Buying a Grow Box Instead of a Grow Tent

Now that we know what makes a grow tent better than grow boxes, we should also be aware of the benefits grow boxes come with.  Choosing a grow box instead of a grow tent can be handy if you are looking for the following features:

No Assembly Needed

As grow boxes are pre-assembled, you won’t have to figure out how to put them together. There’s no need to experiment with the placement of wires and pipes. You only need to buy the box and start growing.

However, you will have to abide by the basics when it comes to setting up the plants. But your time to growing will be much quicker with a grow box as there is no guesswork required.

Better appearance

Grow tents might not look good everywhere. Hiding them or making them look like something they are not is also a difficult task.

If you are not using a grow tent inside a room that is less visited by outsiders, you will not be able to hide the tent. On the contrary,  grow cabinets can look like a dresser, speaker, or some other piece of household furniture.

Merely covering the top with a tablecloth can hide the box and allow you to continue growing incognito. Hence, if you would like to protect your indoor garden from prying eyes, make sure you opt for a grow box.


If you are using a cheap grow tent, be prepared for considerable wear and tear over a short period of usage.

Zippers or other connecting areas can get ripped off in no time. On the other hand, grow boxes are heavy and quite sturdy. They can stay protected from wear and tear for several seasons.

Although the interiors of both the tent and the box require equal attention, grow boxes hard exterior make them a more durable option.

Better Fans

Grow boxes come with built-in fans and are quieter than grow tents. Being small in size they require a smaller space. It makes these fans better than the industrial fans used in most grow tents. This also contributes towards a better stealth factor.

Concluding Remarks

Be it a grow box, or a grow tent, it is the quality that matters the most. If you are serious about indoor gardening, make sure don’t just choose the cheapest option on the market.

It is essential to buy something that works well and saves you time by avoiding headaches and allowing you to run a good system over a considerable period.

If you start out buying a cheap grow tent or grow box, you are more likely to have to replace it in the not so distant future.

Therefore, quality should be your priority, so you don’t lose crops owing to a faulty system or equipment.