What You Need to Know About a Grow Box for Weed and Other Plants

what is a growbox for weed

What is a Grow Box? A grow box (or growbox) is a wholly or partially enclosed system for nurturing plants in small areas or indoors. Grow boxes are used for a variety of reasons including the desire to grow herbs, flowers, or vegetables like tomatoes during cold weather periods, to enclose hydroponic garden systems, or when insufficient outdoor space is available. Grow boxes can also protect plants against diseases and pests. Grow boxes for weed are ideal for gardeners who wish to grow marijuana indoors. Growbox units can be hydroponic or soil- based. The most elaborate example of a grow box is one that is completely enclosed and has a built-in grow light, exhaust fan structure for ventilation, a hydroponic

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10 Best Cannabis Oils for Sleep, Pain, Skin, and More

Best cannabis oils

Cannabis oil is well-known for the numerous health benefits it possesses and also for being an ideal superfood. Whether you are facing insomnia or have skin problems, this oil can drastically bring out positive changes in your entire body. You can start feeling the difference after few uses, and this is sure to become your go-to remedy. Here is a comprehensive list of the 10 best cannabis oils you can buy on Amazon. Hemp oil – Cannabis oil This miraculous oil is extracted from the seeds of the cannabis plant and possesses a wealth of phytonutrients and healthy fats. Even if you consume one teaspoon of

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Beginners Guide to Growing Marijuana

Beginners Guide to Growing Marijuana

What is Marijuana? Marijuana is a psychoactive substance extracted from the cannabis plant. It is used for recreational and medical use and can be ingested via smoking or vaporizing. A standard dose can cause short-term memory loss, red eyes, dry mouth, and impairment in motor skills and its effect lasts for 30 minutes to 60 minutes. The impact of a high dose can last for two hours to six hours. Continuous intake of a high dose of cannabis may result in mental problems and addictions in teenagers and adults. Pregnant mothers taking marijuana can affect their child’s behavior as well as inflict on them many other medical issues. Legalizing Cannabis At the beginning of 20th century, many prominent countries imposed

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The 5 Best T5 Grow Lights To Buy

best t5 grow lights

As you’re well aware, I believe strongly LED grow lights are the best option for your indoor garden and grow tent setup. However, beginning gardeners may prefer to test the waters with a series of cheap T5 grow lights. In this article, I’ll outline the 5 best T5 grow lights on the market today. Best T5 grow lights Fluorescent T5 grow lights are a type of lighting system commonly used by hydroponic gardeners (gardeners who grow their plants indoors). Unlike the more conventional HID and metal halide lights, T5 fluorescents are affordable and often cheaper to maintain in the long run. Ordinarily, T5 fluorescent lights are highly energy efficient. This is because they produce a lot less heat, which often

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LED vs HID Lights for Indoor Growing Infographic

LED vs HID Lights

Here we sum up the benefits of LED vs HID lights. Whether you use a grow box, mini grow tent, or extra large grow room, LED lights for growing are the clear winner here. Read about the best LED Grow lights for indoor plants. Durability – LED’s have less moving parts and are much more shock and vibration resistant than HID Lifetime – Up to 100,000 hours for LED, compared to HID’s 25,000 hours Color Temperature – LED has many options at up to 6500 Kelvin compared to HID’s 5000 Kelvin max Dimmable – Win for LED Warranty – 5 Years compared to HID’s 1-year warranty Costs – LED’s have higher upfront costs but less maintenance than HID. Over time, LED

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How do Grow Tents Work?

How do grow tents work?

If you want to make the best use of your LED grow light setup, you need an efficient growing environment. One of the best is an indoor grow tent, but exactly how do grow tents work? I’ll break down the ins and outs of grow tents and set ups in this article. Grow tents are small portable rooms that can be used indoors anywhere and at anytime to start growing fruits and vegetables. They work in the same manner as grow boxes. A grow tent creates an ideal indoor environment for growing plants in a closed chamber year-round, no matter the climate. What you Need in a Grow Tent Durable canvas material with a reflective system that traps the light

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Grow Tent vs Grow Box – Which is Best for your Indoor Garden?

grow tent vs grow box

Ever wonder the difference between indoor grow tent vs grow box? While both are contained, portable environments for growing indoors, each has slightly different uses. In this article, I’ll discuss the advantages of each so you can decide which is right for your indoor garden. Indoor grow tents are small portable rooms that can be used anywhere for planting indoors. They are quite similar to grow boxes, but to require more space and are made to create an ideal growing environment. On the other hand, a grow box is an enclosed system used for planting indoors in a smaller area. Lack of outdoor space and a requirement to grow veggies, flowers or herbs during winters are some of the major

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How to Raise Humidity in a Grow Tent

how to raise humidity in grow room

How to control humidity in a grow tent or grow room is one of the most significant issues facing indoor gardeners. In this article, I’ll tackle how to raise humidity in a grow tent as well as how to raise humidity in a grow room and provide some options to help keep your plants from drying out. There are several things you have to keep in mind when you decide to raise plants indoors. This is especially true when you do so inside a confined space such as a grow tent or grow room. While the focus of this article is on grow tents, everything is equally applicable to grow rooms (if you are fortunate enough to have space for

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How Many Plants in a Grow Tent Are Too Many?

how many plants in a grow tent are too many

One of the questions I’m asked most often by people getting their grow tent set up ready is ‘How many plants in a grow tent are too many?’ If you’re wondering how many plants can fit in a grow tent you’ve purchased, this article is for you. Indoor Gardening in a Grow Tent Grow tents are one of the latest innovations when it comes to the world of agriculture and plant care. Thanks to these grow tents; you can keep produce growing all year round, regardless of the season, or the current weather. Traditional growing involves planting in soil. With grow tents, however, you can make use of a hydroponic system, which requires water and an inert medium for the

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Why You Need Proper Grow Tent Ventilation

grow tent ventilation

You’ve just purchased your first LED grow light and grow tent, and you’re ready to plant your seeds. But before you begin there are some critical things to consider like do you have the best grow tent ventilation? In this article, I’ll discuss why ventilation is essential to your grow tent setup and a few useful tools to help you achieve it. Why You Need Grow Tent Ventilation When it comes to growing plants indoors, there are many missing elements. Sun is one of the most critical factors plants need to thrive but is sorely missing indoors and in many urban garden settings. This is why grow lights, and a grow tent with the ability to reflect these lights are

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