6 LED Grow Light Tips and Tricks

led grow light tips

Indoor gardening gives you the chance to grow fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits year-round. But your level of success is highly dependent on your lighting. With the right LED grow light tips and tricks, you can take your yields to the next level. If you want to make sure your indoor garden flourishes, here are six plant grow light tips that you can start using right away. 6 LED Grow Light Tips and Tricks 1. Turn the Lights Off Regularly When it comes to grow light tips, this one is incredibly important. Plants shouldn’t be lit all day, every day. Like most living things, they need a chance to rest. For at least six hours each day (maybe more for

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How to Choose a Grow Light for House Plants

How to Choose a Grow Light for House Plants

Just because a plant is typically grown inside, that doesn’t mean the indoor environment is ideal for its needs. House plants also need the right amount of light, as well as the right kind. Unless your home has an optimal spot for a particular species of plant, finding a grow light for house plants might be a necessity. Otherwise, your plant will fail to thrive. But choosing the best grow lights for house plants can be a challenge. After all, each option brings something different to the table, and there are tons of options to choose from. Maybe a Phlizon grow light will meet your needs? Perhaps a Viavolt is a better fit or a Cree? There is also a

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Phlizon Grow Light Review

We review the Phlizon 1200 Watt LED Grow Light for performance and durability as well as looking at the entire Philzon grow light line.

When you want your indoor garden to thrive, having the right lighting is critical. If the lighting isn’t appropriate for the plants you’re trying to grow, they won’t reach their full potential. Maybe your garden won’t flower and bloom, or your yields will be low. When this happens, what can be a fun business or hobby soon becomes a frustrating venture. Luckily, there are some exceptional LED grow lights available today, including options by Phlizon, a company that produces some fantastic grow lights. If you want to make sure your indoor garden can flourish, here’s what you need to know about Phlizon as a company, as well as a Phlizon grow light review. About Phlizon Grow Lights Established in 2012,

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Viavolt Grow Light Review

Viavolt grow light review

Our Viavolt Grow Light Review looks at the Viavolt line particularly the Viavolt T5 Grow Light V44 Kit available on Amazon.  For many, indoor gardening is a passion. The activity is engaging or relaxing, and the yields are just an amazing benefit of taking part in something the gardener enjoys. But, if you don’t have the right lighting, indoor gardening can go from fun to frustrating in the blink of an eye. Luckily, there is a wide selection of high-quality grow lights available. Viagrow is the company that produces the Viavolt line, which focuses on grow lights and related components. Many indoor gardeners flock to the brand for their lighting needs. If you are considering a or one of the

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What Is a Cree Grow Light and Why You Need One

what is a cree grow light and why do you need one

When you grow plants indoors, having the right LED lighting is essential. Plants need specific spectrums of light for the right amount of time each day to flourish. Otherwise, they will fail to thrive and may even die. Cree LED grow lights are designed to optimize your lighting, ensuring the proper wavelengths are provided to your plants. They can help you achieve higher yields, extend the life of your plants, support long-term growth, and otherwise enhance the quality of outputs. What is a Cree Grow Light? A Cree grow light is a lighting system featuring LEDs made by the Cree company. Cree creates some of the highest output LEDs in the industry. Plus, they are incredibly efficient to operate, saving

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The Best Hydroponic Vertical Farming Systems for Sale on Amazon

The Best Hydroponic Vertical Farming Systems for Sale

Vertical gardening systems can be excellent space-savers, ideal for growers with limited square footage or those who want to make the most of their space. However, you do need a high-quality hydroponic vertical farming system if you are going to get a substantial yield. Figuring out which one you should buy a challenge. Luckily, Amazon has some great options. What is a Hydroponic Vertical Farming System? A hydroponic vertical farming system is an approach to gardening that saves space and doesn’t rely on soil. With the right vertical hydroponic garden, you can participate in vertical farming at home without sacrificing too much square footage. A vertical hydroponic garden allows plants to be stacked in tiers, giving you a ton of

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The Best Timer for Grow Lights – 6 Top Choices

Guide to the best timer for grow lights with 6 reviews

Not every climate or region is conducive to growing certain kinds of plants. If you have dramatic changes in season, outdoor plants may only be viable for part of the year. Or, if you want to grow something that wasn’t made for your climate, you may have to use indoor gardens to support those plants at all. But ensuring those plants get the right amount of light can be tricky. Usually, you’ll need LED grow lights, and they need to be turned on and off at the right times. While you can handle that process manually, it is a cumbersome way to keep your indoor garden healthy. Luckily, if you find the best timer for grow lights based on your

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Where is Cannabis Legal? Our Guide to Cannabis Laws in the USA and Around the World

If you want to know, where is cannabis legal in the USA and elsewhere around the world, look no farther. This article shares the latest cannabis laws by state in the USA and the countries where cannabis is legal and decriminalized. We answer your frequently asked questions about marijuana legalization.

If you want to know, where is cannabis legal in the USA and elsewhere around the world, look no farther. This article shares the latest cannabis laws by state in the USA and the countries where cannabis is legal and decriminalized. We answer your frequently asked questions about marijuana legalization. The worldview on cannabis seems to shift on a daily basis. While some countries pursue regulations to legalize cannabis, at least for medicinal use, others remain firm that marijuana and any associated products should remain illegal. There is a growing list of places where cannabis is legal. However, each location has its own rules. Some permit medical marijuana while others made recreational use legal. In some cases, possession of a

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Guide to Understanding the Marijuana Growing Stages

Guide to understanding marijuana growing stages

Just like a human has to experience multiple stages during his or her life-cycle, plants also undergo several stages of growth. If you are keen to understand the different marijuana growing stages, then this article is for you. Starting from germination through to the vegetation phase, the marijuana plant has to undergo several transformations. Before beginning the process, you have to choose the right marijuana seed. For example, a female plant will produce the trichome-rich cola buds that are harvested to smoke, vape, dap, and ingest but the male plant cannot provide any buds. So, choose your seed wisely. The marijuana growing stages proceed as follows: Stage 1 – Germination Once you have figured out the sex of the marijuana seed, you can

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What is the Best Hydroponic System for Weed?

the best hydroponic system for weed

In this article, I share the best hydroponic system for weed, including the best hydroponic nutrients and an explanation of how hydroponic weed is different from soil-grown cannabis. Hydroponic Weed Definition A hydroponic system is a method of growing plants without soil. The literal Latin translation of the word hydroponic is ‘water work.’ Therefore, hydroponics is a technique where a plant absorbs all the required nutrients from a soilless medium. Even though the definition refers to water, it is not necessary to believe that hydroponic systems only work with water. The hydroponic method avoids soil but can apply to growth in absolutely any other medium like sand, gravel, misted air etc. The primary advantage of growing plants with hydroponics is

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