Best Grow Lights for Orchids

Orchids are one of the largest plant groups on the planet, offering up breathtaking blooms in a wide range of colors, shapes, and styles. They’re particularly popular as houseplants. In fact, they’re one of my favorites, injecting a space with a sense of grace and opulence. However, growing orchids indoors can come with challenges, particularly if you don’t have great natural light.

Fortunately, finding the best grow lights for orchids doesn’t have to be challenging. By learning about the unique needs of orchids and checking out some orchid grow light reviews, you can identify the best option. Here’s what you need to know.

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How Much Light Orchids Need

One of the biggest challenges I faced when it came to growing orchids indoors was meeting their lighting needs. While different types of orchids may vary a bit from the norm, it isn’t uncommon for orchids to require 12 to 13 hours of bright, indirect light during the winter, and as much as 16 hours of bright, indirect light during the spring, summer, and fall.

If you live in an area that isn’t always the brightest, like I do, providing that much light indoors may be impractical, if not impossible. Luckily, you can quickly make up for deficits by using LED grow lights for orchids and the best grow light setup.

The best grow lights for orchids handle all of this flowering plant’s needs. Along with ensuring it remains healthy, choosing the right options helps you keep these lovely houseplants blooming year after year, giving you far more enjoyment.

Choosing the Best Grow Light for Your Needs

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Finding the best options for your needs may seem challenging if you’re new to growing orchids indoors. However, I’ve found that focusing on a few basics makes it far easier.

First, you don’t have to spend a bundle to get a great grow light. As the orchid grow light reviews below will show, there are affordable options that are incredibly capable and versatile. Since that’s the case, breaking the bank is unnecessary.

Otherwise, when you’re choosing grow lights for orchids, you typically want an option that provides the correct type of light. Usually, that means going with full-spectrum LED grow lights for orchids, as those more easily mimic natural sunlight.

After that, finding the right features is typically essential. Precisely what that involves may vary depending on the species of orchid and available natural light. Additionally, your needs and preferences should be a factor, as some of the best indoor lighting for orchids gives you convenience, simplifying the operation.

Usually, I’ve found that it’s wise to look for grow lights with built-in timers. That way, the light turns on and off on a set schedule, preventing you from having to track this on your own and ensuring it cycles correctly even when you’re away. Finding an option with adjustable heads is similarly smart, allowing you to shift the position as your orchid grows or ensure optimal flowering conditions.

Finally, choosing a grow light with several light modes and brightness settings is an intelligent move. That allows you to further customize the lighting, ensuring it will meet your needs with greater ease.

Best Grow Lights for Orchids

If you simply run a search for the best grow lights for orchids, you’ll likely get overwhelmed by choice. Since that’s the case, it’s best to start with orchid grow light reviews that have the needs of beginners and hobbyists in mind.

Here is a look at two of the best LED grow lights for orchids and a quick LED plant lights review for each one.

GooingTop Grow Light 100W

If you’re looking for affordable and effective orchid hobbyist LED lights, the GooingTop Grow Light 100W is a solid choice. Since it’s a 6,000K light, the color spectrum is close to sunlight at noon, making it optimal for supporting photosynthesis. Plus, this option includes 24 red LEDs, which boost germination and flowering.

This GooingTop Grow Light also has some extra features that boost convenience. First, it’s a dual-lamp bendable gooseneck design. That allows you to adjust the positioning of the light with ease, ensuring your orchids get precisely what they need. Plus, you can easily shift the positioning as your orchid grows, ensuring the light never ends up too close.

Another lovely feature is the clip-on design. You can secure this grow light for orchids to essentially any table. It’s even possible to attach it to many windowsills, plant shelves, curtain rods, and more, giving you the ability to choose an attachment point that makes sense for your space.

There’s also a built-in timer, which is why this is one of the best lights for orchids in my book. You can choose between three intervals, including four, eight, and 12 hours. As long as the power stays on, you won’t have to worry about whether your light is on at the proper time.

You can also choose between five brightness levels. If your orchids get strong but indirect sun exposure during the day, you can reduce the brightness to account for the natural light. If your winters are long and dark, you can pump up the power, ensuring your orchids have all the light they need to thrive.

As an LED light, this option is also very efficient to run. LEDs require less power than traditional bulbs, ensuring your grow light won’t significantly impact your energy bills.

Aogled Grow Light for Indoor Plants 50W

If you’re looking for LED grow lights for orchids that can easily support a handful of orchid plants, the Aogled Grow Light for Indoor Plants 50W could be your best bet. Like the option above, this LED light is incredibly affordable. Along with having a low price tag, it’s inexpensive to run, making it a great choice for hobbyists and beginners.

Plus, it features five heads, all on bendable goosenecks. You can fan them out to cover a wide area, making it easier to support numerous plants all at once. Alternatively, you can concentrate them in a smaller space, allowing you to boost the amount of light hitting a specific area.

This LED grow light for orchids also features a clip-on base. It’s large enough to attach to most table edges, window sills, or shelves, ensuring you can get light right where you need it. The power cord is also nearly five feet, making it even more versatile in that regard.

However, with the five heads evenly spread out, you may be able to set this LED grow light on a level tabletop, counter, windowsill, or shelf instead. The five heads can keep it balanced in many cases, providing the surface isn’t regularly bumped or jostled.

Another benefit of this option is that it’s one of the full-spectrum LED grow lights for orchids. There are red, blue, and warm white LEDs, giving it a better overall range than you find with some alternatives at this price point.

Finally, for added convenience, there’s a built-in timer. It includes three-, nine-, and 12-hour intervals, which can work well if the orchids get some natural sunlight through a nearby window. You can also switch between the color modes with ease and take advantage of ten brightness levels, making this one of the best grow lights for orchids when it comes to operational versatility and a solid choice for any beginner or hobbyist.