Millard Horticulture D-Door Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent Review

Taking care of seedlings and young plants is an important and sometimes difficult task gardeners have to master. It is even harder when you are met with circumstances like limited space, sunlight, and soil.

Those three missing factors combined seems like a recipe for seedling starting disaster, and without the help of a grow tent, you will not see any progress at all.

Lucky for urban and indoor gardeners, the grow tent has been made available on the market, and it has caused a significant rise in urban gardening over the years.

For those who are new to the techniques of indoor gardening, it is only natural to be unsure of which grow tent is the best. In order to guide you in choosing a grow tent, this review will cover the Millard Horticulture D-Door Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent.

We will discuss its many features and the pros and cons that go with purchasing this item as well. Hopefully, at the end of this product review, you will be able to discern if a grow tent will help your urban gardening or not.


  • Perfect for fruits, herbs, and vegetable cultivation
  • Allows users to grow plants and fruits any time of the year
  • Highly reflective interior lining maximized light and control heat levels
  • Sturdy metal frame with two support bars and two metal rings, perfect for light fixtures
  • Easy to use push-lock corners for easy assembly
  • Durable and reinforced zippers
  • Fitted with multiple intake and exhaust ports for excellent vapor and moisture control
  • Easy-to-access ports allow installation of fans, filters, and other electric appliances
  • Removable waterproof floor pan allows for easy cleanup
  • Large zipper doors for easy plant access after initial setup
  • D-door opening


The Millard Horticulture D-Door Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent is the perfect tent for people who are having trouble with their seedlings surviving.

It is a common issue for seedlings to die because of the lack of sunlight in indoor settings, which is why the amazing reflective capability of this grow tent greatly helps in seedling cultivation.

Aside from the ample lighting, the tent is also capable of balancing the temperature and humidity within the tent, which is perfect for growing fruits and vegetables that require specific humidity and temperature levels.

For many grow tents, the frequent problem users have raised is the escape of light through the zippers or the stitching. With the Millard Horticulture D-Door Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent, this issue is handled through the flaps that fold over the zippers.

The interior Mylar does a great job of reflecting the light and keeping the inside of the tent bright and at the perfect growing conditions. The material used as the main tent is also very thick, add in the thick threading, and you have a wonderfully crafted tent that is sure to retain the light within.

Gardeners who love checking on their plants every so often, but want to avoid having to open the huge tent door, get a kick out of the transparent viewing window. It allows them to observe their plants anytime without out disturbing them, plus it comes with a flap to cover it instantly as soon as you’re done looking in.

The tent also has useful sleeves in place for you to install a vent or a cooling system; this helps maintain the temperature inside and assure you that your plants do not overheat.


One common problem cited by those who have bought and used the Millard Horticulture D-Door Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent is the zipper. Although the zipper that comes with the tent is heavy-duty and does not allow light leaks, it also has its issues.

Some have experienced the zipper getting caught or being hard to zip open or close. With a little patience and some fiddling, it gets unstuck very quickly, and you’re on your way.

Also, take note that delivery is not very discreet. The box comes with a big label that states “GRW TNT,” which may draw some unwanted attention to your purchase. Just make sure you are home to receive the product when it arrives to avoid any peering eyes in your neighborhood.


For a grow tent with as many features as the Millard Horticulture D-Door Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent, you cannot find one at a better price.

This is the perfect mid-sized grow tent for those who want to raise more than enough, but not too many, plants, flowers, and herbs.

This is a grow tent that has made many indoor and urban gardeners happy, and has even helped them revive some dying seedlings.

If you need to keep a well-lit, temperature and humidity controlled environment for your plants or seedlings, the Millard Horticulture D-Door 48”x24”60 is a grow tent that’s worth every penny.

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