5 Best Marijuana Growing Books

Best Marijuana Growing Books

Nowadays, more and more people are growing their own marijuana plants, for recreational, therapeutic, and medical purposes. However, marijuana cultivation can be complicated for an inexperienced grower, and many things can go wrong during the process. Luckily, there are plenty of effective guides to explain the marijuana cultivation cycle and teach you how to grow cannabis properly. In the following article, I’ll share the best marijuana grow books I’ve found that are available on Amazon.

1.Marijuana Horticulture: The Medical Grower’s Bible

This book is written by Jorge Cervantes, an experienced indoor and outdoor cultivator with over thirty years of knowledge in this field. The Medical Grower’s Bible aims to explain everything you need to know about marijuana growing, in an accurate and easy-to-follow manner. Here, everything is explained with details and the author focuses on every small procedure that is required for a successful crop. More than that, in this book you’ll find some unexpected situations that may occur during marijuana growing and how to fix them.

Many people said that this book is actually for the advanced growers, but that’s not true. The Marijuana Grower’s Bible can be extremely specific and technical from time to time, but everything is explained in a logical and simple to understand way. Also, the book has plenty of illustrations, pictures, and schemes, meant to make things a whole lot easier. Since budget is often an issue, Cervantes teaches us how to save money smartly and how to obtain the most productive crop for the smallest investment. You can purchase the Marijuana Grower’s Bible from Amazon, in its paper or Kindle version.

2) Marijuana Grower’s Handbook: Your Complete Guide for Medical and Personal Marijuana Cultivation

Ed Rosenthal, the author of this book, is an expert in marijuana growing with over thirty years of experience. Still, the Grower’s Handbook is not an obsolete guide and it’s actually presenting some of the newest trends and practices when it comes to marijuana cultivation. The Grower’s Handbook is written in two sections, one for beginners and one for advanced cultivators. However, even an experienced grower can find some valuable information in the first section, since the book presents everything from A to Z.

Unlike other books, the Grower’s Handbook actually teaches you how to grow and sustain a long-term culture, helping you become professionals in marijuana growing. Also, this book impresses through the attention to details, and the author begins by explaining how to prepare your garden, which is the best soil for a marijuana culture, and what additives to use for a faster growing. The Grower’s Handbook can also be purchased from Amazon in the physical or digital version.

3) The Cannabis Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to Cultivation & Consumption of Medical Marijuana

Written by the same Jorge Cervantes, The Cannabis Encyclopedia is a more complex book, providing valuable tips for marijuana consumption and cultivation. This book is mainly focused on medicinal Marijuana, but it can also be used by a recreational marijuana grower. Since it’s meant for medical use, The Cannabis Encyclopedia gets technical and explains principles like medicinal concentrates, the cannabinoid measurement, or other medical varieties. This is extremely useful even if you grow the plants for yourself since it teaches how to administer the final product.An entire section of The Cannabis Encyclopedia is focused on cooking and it presents some innovative recipes and methods to concentrate cannabis. The illustrations make things a lot simpler, and you can actually observe each growing stage of the plant with some additional details. Pest and disease control are mentioned as well and Cervantes teaches you how to avoid them without chemical additives.
The Cannabis Encyclopedia may seem too much for a beginner, but once you start reading it, everything will seem extremely simple. This book can be found on Amazon, and even if it’s more expensive than other guides, it is entirely worth the price.

4) Marijuana Grow Basics: A Simple Guide For Marijuana Aficionados

If you’ve never grown a plant before and you are an absolute beginner, then this book is for you. It’s also the cheapest book from our top five, and it’s actually an excellent way to see if marijuana growing is for you or not. Marijuana Grow Basics aims to explain the Cannabis cultivation process in a clear and straightforward way. As you read it, you will notice that the book lacks some technical explanations, but the author did that on purpose. According to the book, it’s better to keep things simple when you’re growing the first crop, in order to avoid any unwanted events.

Normally, a person without horticulture experience couldn’t get a productive marijuana crop from the first try, but this book makes that easy. If you follow the tips accordingly, you will see that the book is growing the crop for you and you don’t have to worry about any inconvenience. Also, if you’re not 100% decided to grow marijuana, this book will still be a good lecture and you can use some of the tips in other situations.

5) The Grow Book & Equipment Guide Marijuana Edition

This is the third volume of the famous Grow Book, complete with updated information and growing practices. Unlike other books, the Grow Book is more than a guide. It’s a direct interaction with its readers. There is a special section in the book, where the author answers the most asked questions regarding marijuana cultivation. It’s beneficial to see the author’s dedication towards his readers and to read some valuable information that cannot be found anywhere else.

With the Grow Book Guide, you will master techniques like: light selection, flowering, trimming, cloning, mixing nutrients, drying and many others. The Grow Book Guide can be a good read for a beginning grower and of course, a source of valuable information.

Final Thoughts

It’s straightforward to grow cannabis once you have detailed instructions from the best marijuana grow books. Just choose the guide that fits you best and start taking your crop to a whole new level. Also, you should remember that this process requires dedication, meticulosity, and attention to detail. Start growing your own culture and purchase a marijuana grow book today.